Eugene means well.  He tries very hard, every day, to do his job with excellence and righteousness.  But most times he fails.  We all have a Eugene in our life.  And, because Eugene is Eugene, you can’t really yell at him.

Until now.  Eugene will react to how loud you yell at him.

When you run into a waiter that just is too nice to yell at, despite a wrong order, you now have Eugene.

When your boss just showers you with idle work that takes up all your time, and you just want to grab him by the shoulders and say, “NO!  There’s a better way to do all this!”  In order to avoid getting fired, there is Eugene.

When your country is invaded by two-legged cat aliens hellbent on turning Mount Rushmore into a huge stone monument dedicated to gigantic alien felines, but you just can’t yell at them because they are brandishing plasma rifles and incendiary grenades– there is Eugene.

Eugene.  For when yelling at a real person just isn’t in your best interest.

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