“There are two forces that move the Earth. The first is gravity. The second is new media. It controls our communication, our links between people, and the messages we convey. Find a unique way to use new media and you have the ears and hearts of the entire world.”
          –  Eric Peterson, CEO, Epic Digital


Epic Digital has a creative take on new media. We believe results come from more than just selling media to consumers.  For example, there are department stores around the world that are replacing their ancient kiosks with iPads filled with animated marketing messages and effective time-saving software.  The end result is cheaper to maintain, and more effective for their sales force.

These days, when Epic Digital isn’t helping a company revitalize their workflow with unique applications, or helping a company get more sales out of their web presence, Epic Digital is also helping transform traditional media into new interactive media.  The truth is that more consumers gather information in different ways than they used to, and Epic Digital is one of the premiere companies to help businesses reach their audiences in this ever-changing world.

Just last year, Epic Digital started helping several magazine publishers transform their back-catalogue of periodicals from the 80s and 90s into new interactive restored versions, for deployment on mobile devices and republished books.

And in the video front, Epic Digital is using it’s high definition studios to help create new video and animation content for companies to reach out to their market.  Now that Flash is becoming an expired commodity, Epic Digital is working with businesses to find fresh new ways to provide moving interactive communication tools.

Epic Digital now offers these products:

  • Digital Animation
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Websites
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Videography and Post-Production
  • Media Restoration:  Taking traditional media and turning it into new digital formats such as interactive media.


So where did Epic Digital come from?  Epic Digital LLC was born out of Epic Digital Media LLC, a company founded in 2004 by its current CEO Eric Peterson in Phoenix, Arizona. Now boasting over 25 technicians with sales reaching internationally, Epic Digital LLC is honed to be a powerhouse of a production studio, helping companies worldwide.  Since the beginning, Epic Digital has existed to uphold three precepts:  Reliability, Quality Control, and honed Creativity.  This is carefully managed through a 3 step workflow process, with time spent on the critical stages of conception, design, and coding. Likewise, Epic Digital boasts 3 levels of quality control, to help clients who are uneasy about dealing with a field that requires vast technical knowledge.  The key to meeting our client’s expectations is simple:  Communication and strategic project management. Want to know more?  Contact us today!